‘The Drawer’ (2011-present)

I consider myself a visual storyteller and my subjects are personal and close to my heart. In the drawer for the first time I worked in an associative manner, without predetermined subject matter. Taking pictures of the people near to me, my surroundings. I use film material of which I do not know how the image will come out. I have little control over the results. And these accidents, these imperfections can make an image perfect, mysterious and magical. The perfection of imperfection. Always a surprise and ultimately without control. Just like life, at least my life.

I am working on a publication of this body of work which consists of hundreds of images made and kept in a drawer in my studio.

‘No’ Title (2012)

‘No’ Title is about the nobility in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands about 300 families are of nobel descent. In1994 the Dutch government has abolished the right to become a part of the nobility. Except for the Royal family nobody can obtain a title. A title is inherited through male lineage. The group of families belonging to the nobility theoretically can become extinct.
In this project I was dealing with a group of people who would rather not be photographed. If you are from the nobility you keep it to yourself. You don’t make it public to everyone. How can I make portraits of a group of people who would rather not participate? I decided to work with a Polaroid SX70. A charming, old fashioned camera which instantly produces photographs. No reason for mistrust, because the person who was photographed could, on the spot, see the picture. No big camera in between myself and my subject. Proximity, but the quality of the photographs is picturesque and detached. The distance which is appreciated so greatly by this group of people.

Please read more about this project in the Cahier (English & Dutch) here.

‘Controle’ (2009)

In July 2007, Hudig was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease for the second time. After having been ‘clean’ for 13 years, the illness appeared to have returned. Hudig was 34 years old, married and the mother of a ten-month-old son.

In the series Control Hudig has recorded the process of her illness in an extremely personal way. In her everyday life, Hudig is a documentary photographer and when she started treatment at the Amsterdam VU hospital, she bought a small analogue camera that she took with her everywhere.

Hudig used the camera as a photographic diary to express her feelings during her treatment. Taking photographs gave her the feeling that she did not have to give up everything from her normal life. It also had a significant impact on the atmosphere in the hospital and reduced the fear.

The series about Hudig’s sick bed is personal and uncompromising. The way in which the story is told is documentary, but also artistic and associative. As a result of this project about her own life, Hudig discovered that for her, photography is increasingly about vulnerability and transience. In 2007, Hudig won The Photo Academy Award for another project and with it an exhibition in Foam_3h.

Photostory of the year 2009 at Dutch Zilveren Camera Award. Click here to read the jury comments (Dutch).


ISBN: 9053306846
Publisher: Schilt Publishing
Hardcover : 128 pages
Language: Dutch
Dimensions: 7.2 x 9.1 x 0.7 inches