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Studied Cultural Anthropology and Visual Anthropology and Media and Culture at the University of Amsterdam. After which she finished her studies in portrait and documentary photography at Photo Academy Amsterdam.

Winner Zilveren Camera Photostory of the Year with book 'Controle I in Control' (2009)

Solo and group exhibitions: FOAM 3h, Museum van Loon, Les Rencontres d'Arles, Three Shadows Gallery (China), Chinese European Art Center, Xiamen, Fotofestival Naarden.

Grants: Mondriaan Fund, Amsterdam Fund of the Arts, Documentaire opdracht Stadsarchief Amsterdam


Portrait and documentary photography for editorial and commercial clients(Vrij Nederland, Volkskrant Magazine, Sam Sam, One World, Mediapartners, het Advocatenblad and many others)

Together with Aurélie Hudig she organises the SOUL creativity Day and SOUL creativity Week.

In this group training they combine coaching and creative exercises to help you investigate what stands between you and  your desire to feel more creative freedom. Since 2019 Emilie teaches at the Photo Academy Amsterdam, and she offers individual creative coaching at her studio in Amsterdam.

Board member for Reflexions Masterclass

FOAM Editions offers a selection of Hudig's work

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Creative Coaching

Group and Individual

SOUL creativity training


HEMA, PostNL, ING, MPG, Advocatenblad, Volkskrant Magazine, SamSam, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Oxfam Novib and many others.

Artist Statement


When I was a young girl, I wanted to be a documentary filmmaker.

I studied Visual Anthropology and Media and Culture at the University of Amsterdam. My thesis was about the different methods of storytelling in ethnographic documentary film. Then, I studied portrait and documentary photography at the Foto Academy Amsterdam whilst working as a researcher for television programs.

My studies in anthropology influence the way I work as an artist. As an anthropologist ‘going native’ my goal is to discover the reality of the world I examine. Virtually an impossible goal, because reality consists of many truths. But nevertheless I want to get close and capture the essence.

A critical turning point in my work came after, for the second time at a young age (21 & 34) I was diagnosed with Lymfoma and had to undergo severe treatment. After this experience the realization came that I was not able to go back to the dreams the Emilie before the treatment had. I no longer felt the same necessity to tell other peoples stories. I suppose that this was the result of looking my own death into the eye for the second time at a young age.

It made me decide to no longer focus on the facts of the world through documentary, but rather to explore how to materialize my own inner landscape in the outer world.


Each project I undertake expresses a desire to investigate my relationship to the inexplicable and elusive. Gradually, I teach myself how to deal with the ‘not knowing’.


Photography is the starting point of possibilities, I take the medium also as a malleable part of my practice, I experiment and play with film and Polaroids, anthotypes, alternative processes and printing techniques. The final expression is a conceptual extension of the project.

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